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What's included?

1 Vinyl Stencil

2 Silver Ultra Destruct ID Labels

2 Tamper-evident ID labels

1 bottle of UV etching fluid

1 bottle of Datadots®

Our Datatag Security Kit provides your TentBox with a unique identity number registered on a secure database that’s accessible to police forces globally - all day, every day.

It's a comprehensive kit with simple DIY install-at-home instructions.

The Kit allows for the structure of your TentBox to be marked by combining state-of-the-art identification technology, such as the Datadot® identification system only visible with a magnifying glass, and the new “stealth” ultraviolet (UV) chemical etching technology to create hidden markings that police know to look out for.

Thieves will notice that your TentBox is tagged, which will act as a major deterrent.


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